Ciacco Homes | Philosophy
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What does custom mean to you?

To us, custom means learning your definition of the word the very first time
we meet and understanding its unique meaning to you. It means ensuring we listen
closely, communicate clearly and collaborate wisely to develop your unique vision
of the perfect home. It means transforming that vision into reality utilizing
luxurious materials and exemplary artistry. It means creating elements of surprise
and delight everywhere you look throughout your finished home.

We’ve been creating unique luxury homes in British Columbia for more than a quarter of
a century, during which our company has grown strictly by word of mouth. Whether
we’re constructing a primary or secondary residence, or re-imagining a condominium
space, our clients witness our consistent devotion to excellence. We deliver quality crafts-
manship from start to finish, from the design, to foundation, through to the smallest hand-
finished detail, using the finest materials.
Creating your custom home can be the experience of a lifetime – until you begin living in
it. That’s when you experience a peace and joy that cannot be described as you spend
each day in surroundings perfectly suited to your needs and desires. It’s your dream, and
more, as you turn a corner or enter a room to find yet another delightful custom element
we designed especially for you.
We stake our name and reputation on every aspect of your home and the way
in which we build it. Your home comes to life according to your exact
specifications, budget and schedule. And we are only complete when our clients are
happy, with every need met.
You can picture the life you will live in your new home: experiencing functionality,
comfort, peace and enjoyment in every space. Our creation of your one-of-a-kind haven
begins with a thorough knowledge of your needs and wants in order to bring that picture
to life. Whether you come to us with your wish list or with architectural plans already
drawn, we listen carefully and ask questions borne of more than 25 years of experience.
Then we collaborate fully with you throughout the process to ensure our finished product
matches your vision. We’re here to turn your visions into reality, and we look forward
to our next collaboration; your custom home.